Do you need MEEM?

Back Up Your Phone To
The Cable Every Time You Charge


MEEM: Your Second Chance

NO fees, NO third party access,
ALWAYS under your control

How It Works

MEEM is a phone charger cable that automatically backs up the personal data on your phone to the cable itself every time you charge your Android or iPhone whether by Power Adaptor, Car Charger, PC port or Power Bank. Because you charge your phone at least once a day, your personal information is always backed up with no third party access to your info.

Reasons To Believe

Automatically back up every time you charge your phone with no need for the cloud or paying fees. It is your data in your hands. Upgrade to Android from Blackberry or Symbian or just upgrade your Android or iPhone with MEEM.

Simply Simple

Automatically back up all your personal memories every time you charge using MEEM. Available for Android and iPhone.

Own Your MEEM

Do you need a MEEM cable?
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    You need a MEEM Cable! MEEM will be your new best friend!

    Your backup needs:
    • Efficient & convenient backup – you have busy life – with MEEM you don’t need to think about it.
    • Sync between devices – whether to a replacement for a lost phone or your annual upgrade.
    • Privacy & ownership – MEEM is encrypted & is yours!
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    You’re totally HAPPY-GO-LUCKY!

    A rare breed in the digital age, you don’t have any worries attached to the security or privacy of your phone data. But perhaps you know someone who isn’t so carefree?

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    What are the main differences between MEEM & Cloud services?

    • MEEM backs up not only your precious photos & videos, but also other vital phone specific data safely and securely to the hardware device built in your cable, not on some distant servers.
    • You can use your MEEM cable to efficiently restore your data to a new replacement or upgraded phone.
    • You don’t need WiFi to back up – it happens automatically every time you plug it in to charge – so you’ll know when your latest precious photos were backed up.
    • MEEM lets you view and use content that you have backed up.
    • You own your own backup device so you only have to buy MEEM once, and it’s yours forever.
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